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What People Are Saying About ANACAPA FITNESS

Vanessa is amazing!!!
In just 4 weeks I have lost 13lbs, dropped almost 2 pant sizes, gained muscle in my whole body, and feel fantastic. She is very motivating. She designed a meal plan just for me. I do what she says; follow my meal plan, my workouts with her, and the workouts she designed for me at the gym in between. She checks up on me which helps me stay motivated. I turn 30 this year and my goal is to be in the best shape of my life. I am already halfway there and and am 100% confident I will reach goal BEFORE I hit 30, all thanks to Vanessa. 30 is the new 20!!! Thank you Vanessa!‎ - Kara Bjorkman - Oxnard CA

This is not your ordinary personal trainer

NO WAY. This girl is AMAZING!!. She has a natural talent "gift" to "GET WHO YOU ARE"! This is what makes her training with you, one to one, so incredible . Whether you are having a good day or bad day, Vanessa know how to "work" with you. Your emotions, your weakness and strengths are what she pulls out of you to make you a stronger, healthier person. Plus you have a good time. : ) -Bindy Hanson- Oxnard CA

Working out with Vanessa was always amazing and never disappointing

She motivated me to where all I wanted was to improve and give her more. She is always positive and motivating, even on days where I seriously wanted to give up. She was there to lead me back to where I wanted and needed to be without feeling like a failure. I looked forward to our workouts not like the gym. I felt strong and noticed changes immediately not only in the way I looked but the way I felt. My skin, hair, and just proud of myself. I walked away with more then I could ask for and 16lbs lighter...haha =) Thanks girl! Love ya -Celina Gonzales- Oxnard CA

Best workout ever!‎‎
Anacapa Fitness changed my life. I love working out again. The workouts are done outside for just 30 minutes. I feel better and stronger than if I exercised for an hour or more in a gym. Call Anacapa Fitness or refer a friend, they will love you for it.‎- Dr. David Packard - Oxnard CA

Anacapa Fitness‎‎
Do you want to lose pounds and inches? Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol but have no time? Want to be healthy, get some fresh air and learn how to eat right? Anacapa Fitness is the answer to your prayers! Vanessa customizes you a 30 min. workout that causes you to burn fat and calories for 24 to 48 hours after your workout. Makes sure you are learning proper form. Creates a meal plan for you if you want. -Michelle Lorenzana - Oxnard CA

Anacapa Fitness‎‎
I can't even begin to tell you what a excellant and positive experience it has been to have a personal trainer like Vanessa. I have never worked out in my life but needed to start. Also wanted to change my eating habits. Vanessa has motivated me to live a healthy lifestyle in every aspect of my life. I saw immediate results and felt the plan was easy to follow without a drastic life style change. Highly recommend Anacapa Fitness to anyone who wants to be healthly, have more energy and transform their body! Thanks Again!‎-Rosie Magallon - Oxnard CA

Anacapa Fitness/Best thing I have done for myself!

I ABSOLUTELY recommend Anacapa Fitness. In just a few week I can already see & feel the difference. Vanessa is so flexible with schedules. No doubt in my mind that I have made the Best Decision Ever. I thank my friend for the referral. I am on my way to a better & healthier life style. Thank you!‎ -Lily Velasco - Oxnard CA