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Outdoor Personal Training

Let us help you reach your health and fitness goals today!

We specialize and offer individualized Personal Training programs of many facets for:

~Fat Loss
~Toning, shaping & strengthening
~Athletic Conditioning
~Endurance Training for 5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon & Full Marathons
~Youth Personal Training
~Mindset & Lifestyle Coaching
~Nutritional Coaching & Guidance
~Group Exercise


What our workouts include

We specialize in Rest-Based Training. These are 30 minute high intensity, short duration push hard, rest hard workouts that are designed to help you reset and turn on your fat burning hormones. We help guide you on how to work smarter through every training session.  This style of training is designed to fit the needs of ALL fitness levels. These workouts are:


  • 30 Minute Workout Combining Weights & Cardio
  • Dumbbell Based Metabolic Conditioning
  • Circuit Training, Interval Exercise & Core Fitness
  • Rest-Based Training Tailored To Your Fitness Level


Call or email fit@anacapafitness.com to schedule your FREE Consultation and FREE 30 minute Workout!


What you receive when you sign up with Anacapa Fitness:

~Customized nutrition plan
~Grocery shopping list
~Health tips to keep you on track with your lifestyle change
~Weekly check ins to keep you accountable
~Fat loss analysis
~Before and after measurements and pictures taken on your first and last day of training to measure your progress
~A 30 minute workout that will keep you burning fat and calories for the next 24-48 hours post workout
~And working with a great Personal Trainer to strengthen the greatness in you to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals

Get back to health and wellness today!! Call 1(805) 201-2390 or email fit@anacapafitness.com