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For The Peanut Butter Lovers!


For the peanut butter lovers!

I love peanut butter! Well I love nut butters is really the truth. A few weeks ago as I was on an adventure going across the country with my familia for 4 weeks I stopped off in Nashville, Tennessee (I highly recommend if you are headed towards the east coast, it’s a gorgeous state to visit) where my Aunt Susan lives. We were digging in the fridge for some healthy snacks and she said, “well I have this awesome peanut butter I picked up from my local farmers market and I’ve got celery.” I said I love peanut butter and celery, lol! I literally tried just one spoonful and I knew I had to have more. It was hands down one of the yummiest peanut butters I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of them!)

So I read the back of the jar and loved that this was completely clean, healthy, natural and contained only 5 ingredients, which I am always checking out to see what’s actually in it before even looking at the nutrition facts. I dig real whole food (check out my Anacapa Fitness youtube channel for some fun nutrition tips) and so does my gut. It contains peanuts, honey, vanilla, peanut oil and salt. I usually eat peanut butter or almond butter that contains just peanuts or almonds and salt so I was expecting since it said it contained honey that it was going to be loaded with sugar, it was literally just one more gram of sugar per 2 tablespoons then my normal peanut butter at home. Yay and my body loved it! It was satisfying, energizing and curbed my sugar cravings, which I am always wanting nutrition to do at ever meal. I went to the companies website and ordered 4 jars! It’s seriously delicioso!

I had to mention it if you are a peanut butter lover like me and have no allergies or sensitivities to peanuts. You’re going to want to get some! Thanks so much for creating this amazing stuff Nut Butter Nation! You rock!

Here is their website if you’d like to check out more about them and their products www.nutbutternation.com

Do you have a clean, yummy peanut butter you love to eat? Share it down below in the comments or on my Anacapa Fitness Facebook page! I want to know.


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