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5 Ways to Kick Ass And Get After Your Hearts Desires in 2016

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HaPpY JoYfuL New Year and hello 2016!! I have to say I love when the new year comes around, actually I love everyday of the year, lol but I think I get most excited because I can actually feel a shift in the atmosphere when it happens. There is so much hope and desires people are wanting to get after. So I felt it only best to share a blog on some digging deeper and kicking ass tips for getting after your hearts desires this year. If you love growth and are open to going on the inside a little more. Let’s dive right in!

1) Love and be yourself - Seriously! Wholeheartedly loving and being yourself isn’t just an inspirational encouraging self-help goal. God is revealed when you happen, because you represent a piece of his beautiful glory that no one else on the planet does and there is only one of you that will ever be created, EHVA! Yep, you’re kind of a really big deal!

You are enough, worthy and absolutely amazing, powerful and have greatness living inside of you. We all miss out on the blessing of you every moment or minute you spend masking, living in guilt, shame or with a perfectionist mindset and not believing and walking in who you really are. So the beginning of kicking some ass is falling in love with all of you, every bitty inch of you and rocking it by showing up and being your authentic beautiful self wholeheartedly everywhere you step foot.

2) Get your mindset right - Mindset is everything! What you believe sets the course for everything you move forward in or hold yourself back from. There are many ways to tackle this but I’m going to be vulnerable in saying that when it comes to this area I tackle it and coach clients I’m working with to tackle and address it from the inside out, because I wholeheartedly believe our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health not only get tremendous breakthrough but can also be healed in the process. So I check in with my spirit and God (so I hear it from the source of all creation) first and foremost to start the process of finding out what lies and stories I’ve been creating and believing in my mind and introspect for the truth behind all of it. This wholeheartedly only works when my heart is open, I ask wholeheartedly, am willing to dig deeper, trust my gut and most importantly turn off my left brain from thinking and just listen for the answers. So if you’re open to digging a little deeper on the inside of yourself, here’s what I do: I ask 4 questions, I listen for the answers, write them down and take action from there. Here are the questions:

  1. God what lie am I believing?
  2. God what is the truth?
  3. God I want to ____(Fill in the blank with your desire)____ What do I need to do to partner with you to do that?
  4. God what is the first step I need to take?

Did you get your answers? Now you can take those old stories or lies and kick them to the curb since you know the truth. Didn’t hear anything? If not, stay open and try again when you’re mind is quiet and open to listen. This is such a practice with being still and just listening. So this is my second tip to kicking some major booty is to get your mindset right by going right to the source, digging a little deeper in your spirit and move forward from there. I never feel more connected to everything then when I practice this in times I feel scared, doubt or stuck, it always always brings me back to the present moment and realizing I can trust myself and keep moving and rocking it.

3) Slooooooow down and Choose just ONE thing until you’ve made it a habit, behavior and a lifestyle- I know January hits and some of us come out with a long checklist of wicked awesome changes we want to happen within the year, creating our vision boards (I created mine too) writing out our goals, which is all so freaking awesome...but the truth is the brain is not a good multi-tasker (at least that’s what science reminds us of) which you’ve probably heard me mention before in this youtube video on 'How to stay motivated when you feel like giving up' 

So if you’re looking for a long lasting lifestyle change, like wanting to start eating healthier, instead of trying to eat 5-6 meals a day, drink a gallon of water a day, add more veggies to every meal, increase your protein intake, remove all process foods at once, stop drinking alcohol and coffee, cut all dairy, sugar and switch to gluten free...Woo! My brain is already overwhelmed just typing it all, lol, just choose ONE thing to change first. When we take this drastic approach and go for this all-or-nothing approach which I’m sure you’ve seen before or maybe you’ve even tried before, it can lead to a depriving and binging approach in our relationship with food. Where we restrict and restrict and restrict and hello weekend eating whatever we feel like, catching my drift? Or it can overwhelm us with trying to do all of this at once or it leads to burn out and we stop all together and naturally revert back to our old habits, can make us even more mixed up and confused and lead to guilt or shame and us not having any fun and enjoying the journey.

Here are some loving suggestions to going back to tips #1 and #2 up top- Loving yourself and checking in with your mindset.

Asking yourself what is the one thing you want to start to change first in your relationship with food?

~Maybe it’s just dropping the guilt around food first. Check out this Youtube video for loving encouragement around dropping the guilt and practicing mindfulness with food. I created this video around the holidays but it can apply to anytime in our journey.


~How about just starting with changing breakfast from what you’re eating now to switching to a high protein, high veggie option? Here is a youtube video on some breakfast options for you 

~How about just starting with drinking 3 liters of water a day or adding more veggies for the next 3-4 weeks until you’ve cultivated a habit, behavior and then it becomes so automatic it’s part of your lifestyle.

Taking 3-4 weeks to cultivate any of these things (or longer) may seem like a slow process but if you want lasting change there is honestly no shortcut and I promise as unsexy as this may seem it will save you years in the long run. So kicking more ass and making long lasting change involves slowing down and cultivating a new habit +  behavior = a long lasting lifestyle change. In other words find what works best for you but just practice repetition after repetition to make it set in.

By the way... if you need more love and encouraging coaching and guidance in this area I offer an entire online nutrition coaching program to help you cultivate a happy healthy guilt free relationship with yourself and with food and also have an entire 4 week Happier, healthier, fitter you jump start online coaching program including mindset, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help transform you from the inside out...but back to kicking more ass this year!

4) Take a risk and do something that scares the crap out of you today! All we ever have is today, actually we only have right now! So now is a great time to do something that gets you uncomfortable and closer to what you strongly desire. It doesn’t have to be ginormous, but just a step, little steps add up in a tremendous way.  Oh and just a reminder, you don’t have to hurry or rush just focus on what you can do effectively today and let your heart, mind and strength all be there to guide you. There is no better way to kick some ass then by taking a risk and some action and trusting that you can handle what happens next.

I have to say vulnerably as a former perfectionist this used to scare the crap out of me since my mindset was what if I make the wrong choice and then I’ll end up failing and that = I wasn’t enough and I suck big time, LOL! When my mindset was there, guess what happened? More Indecisiveness and sometimes not doing anything towards that desire...Again, this was an entire fear story I created that was a big fat lie because the truth was when I started renewing my mindset to an abundant empowered one, the more I stepped out in faith and trusted myself to make a choice I was so much stronger and confident and again trusted myself and the process, it even became less and less scary. The more courageous I was the less doubt, fear or worry or beating myself up about it happened. So do something today that feels a little risky for you.

5) Gratitude, Gratitude and more Gratitude- "The root of joy is gratefulness...it is not joy that makes us grateful. it is gratitude that makes us joyful" ~David Steindl-Rast 

Start the day with a grateful heart, be grateful throughout the day and end the day with a grateful heart. When I started doing this my life and joy level shifted dramatically. I promise you will be cultivating a more joyfuller happier you, staying in the present and always know that everything is more than enough. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

It’s just as simple as asking What am I grateful for right now? I’m sure you’ll be at 3-10 things very easily but If you need to just start with one thing you are grateful for, just start there. So kick some major booty by cultivating a grateful heart all day long.

So lets rock and kick ass in 2016 with loving and being your wholehearted self, keeping your mindset in check by checking in with the source, slowing down and choosing one thing to change at a time for long lasting change, take a risk and do something that scares the crap out of you today and let's be grateful for it all, all day long!

Love you all so much and I’m wicked grateful you all took some time to read what was on my heart. I would love to hear your thoughts and what one of your desires your gonna kick some ass in this year down below or on my Anacapa Fitness facebook page



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