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20 Minute Fat Burning Workout For Busy Moms

I love short hard 20-30 minute rest based workouts. If you are a busy mom, a business owner or someone who just loves short workouts, here is a fun one down below to give a try. This is a 20 minute fat burning muscle building full body workout that you can absolutely do anywhere! Your home, outdoors or at a gym.

The benefits of doing these type of workouts are they combine weight training and interval cardio, they use and work your entire body, they help burn fat and strengthen you from the inside out, they help turn on your fat burning hormones, they are push hard / rest hard workouts which means you have to listen to your body. After resting as much as your body needs during the workout you'll jump right back in where you left off. Any fitness level can rock them and it’s a blast of fun!

Here is a short video with display of the exercises down below. All you’ll need is a pair of weights for this workout.

Here is the workout in written out form with instructions:

20 minute Fat burning muscle building full body Workout

Warm up 1-3 minutes

Workout 20 minutes: Grab a pair of moderate to heavy weights and repeat every exercise in a circuit format. Squeeze in as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes. Push hard and rest as much as needed. Remember to listen to your body. Jump back in where you left off until the time is up.


Lunge / Curl / Press- 12 reps

Squat / Front Raise- 12 reps

Deadlift / Side Raise- 12 reps

Wood chops- Left side -15 reps

Wood chops- Right side-15 reps

Cool down 1-3 minutes

Have a wicked blast of fun and happy sweating! Oh and if you loved this one, you can find more free workouts on my Anacapa Fitness Facebook page, Anacapa Fitness Instagram and Anacapa Fitness Youtube channel.

If you are local in Ventura County, California we offer group classes and personal training weekly, come try a free workout or email fit@anacapafitness.com about our online coaching programs we also offer.


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